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    Hey all,

    This thread applies to anybody who's on T-mobile in the UK.

    For the last couple of weeks or so I have started having problems with all my Blackberry services (calling and sending text messages is fine). The issue is that for some reason even with my reception on full in GPRS mode my bbm's sometimes take hours to send I can see the timer icon next to them and it keeps on attempting to send them but fails and goes back to the timer icon. Also I dont receive emails at times and my internet is either really slow or says it cannot be used as there is no coverage (even though I have full reception) and at times my reception will just randomly cut off and restart again (it happens especially when im at home) I checked my area to see the coverage and it shouldnt be a problem because I have a cell site nearby and Im capable of getting up to 3G (I have a blackberry 9700 btw) but i dont really use it on 3G mode because it just really unstable on my phone compared to GPRS.

    I've tried all the of the following solutions:

    Registering with the Host Routing table

    Re-sending Service Books

    Manually turning off mobile network from manage connections and then turning it back on after 30 seconds

    Hard reset (battery pull)

    All of these solutions give me a temporary fix but then it goes back to square 1 and I get the same problems happening to me again. I've asked some of my friends who are also on T mobile and have a blackberry whether they are getting the same problem and so far all of them have said yes. I just wanted to know is this happening because of some issue with T-mobile or is something wrong with the antenna on my phone? 1 last thing I have noticed these problems started occuring ever since I signed up to the sharing of the Orange signal I dont know whether that could also be a reason but if someone can shed some light onto this matter it would be greatly aprreciated not just by me but by ALOT of people I know because we are all getting frustrated with this problem now

    Many thanks.
    02-07-11 03:11 PM
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    Have your friends that are experiencing the same problem also signed up to Orange sharing? Sounds like this could be the culprit if your problems started at the same time that you signed up for it.

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    02-07-11 04:08 PM