05-25-09 05:47 AM
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  1. Lodingi's Avatar
    My family share plan came out to $125.99 per month (discounts & tax included) for 2 lines + 2100 minutes + 250 text messages per month.

    Just upgraded my phone to a BB 8830. The data plan is $29.99 + taxes per month for unlimited data. I will have to wait for my bill to see what I will actually pay after the company discount is included.
    02-16-08 05:28 PM
  2. feetr2c's Avatar
    I'm on AT&T and I pay 60/mo for my Curve + 9.99 for my wifes phone. We share 700 minutes with rollover. I pay an extra 30 for unlimited dta + an extra 5 for 200 texts.

    Total paid:104.99
    Having a BB: priceless

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    02-16-08 09:25 PM
  3. viperboy's Avatar
    8 lines with Sprint - 2,000 mins - All (except my BB line) have U/L text and web, most have 6PM N&W, all have full insurance, and picture mail. I have the $30 BB plan that includes U/L text, web, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, and BB Messenger. I also have $15 PAM. I get the BB Plan and PAM free, and also a 10% loyalty discount and 25% Best Buy discount, along with download credits and other perks.

    Yea. My plan rocks. ~$160/month after tax. No lie.
    02-16-08 10:35 PM
  4. UMTerp2010's Avatar
    I have the Verizon plan and for unlimited data which is internet and email its 29.99 a month
    02-17-08 01:34 AM
  5. my_handle's Avatar

    600 daytime unlimited nights/weekends 39.99
    BIS 19.99
    unlimited texts 15.99
    5.99 insurance
    15% off monthly bill (old job but still get the discount)
    02-18-08 12:22 AM
  6. tony19's Avatar
    I thought Orange's 7.50 was for orangeworld or whatever it is called... Do you get emails etc?

    I stand corrected the price is 7.05 now for Blackberry Internet (used to be 15) but the data usage is 6mb. I have just checked Orange's website. You had better check as if you go over this 6mb you will be charged per mb which can add up to a hefty bill.
    Thanx for that Hazysky I have just phoned Orange and I had been misinformed by the tele sales team it turns out I am getting BIS for 7.05 (6MB) and I had run up a 60 data bill in 2 weeks they have now agreed to give me BIS free of charge and credited my bill for the data charges I had unknowingly run up and I have added orange world (30MB) for 8.00 to cover my browsing.
    Thanx for your help
    02-18-08 06:35 AM
  7. Hazysky's Avatar
    Thanx for that Hazysky I have just phoned Orange and I had been misinformed by the tele sales team it turns out I am getting BIS for 7.05 (6MB) and I had run up a 60 data bill in 2 weeks they have now agreed to give me BIS free of charge and credited my bill for the data charges I had unknowingly run up and I have added orange world (30MB) for 8.00 to cover my browsing.
    Thanx for your help
    Excellent, I was thinking about you and had come online tonight to PM you to try and get you to phone Orange because I felt they had missold you the plan & to let you know that if you complained you mght get the charges written off as misselling is serious.

    Glad I could be of help and you now have more data and saved some 'ss, enjoy it!!!! Thats my good deed for the week hopefully!

    Next time though consider o2 or T mobile as they are much better. Vodaphone is even worse than Orange 15 for 6mb!

    36mb is still not a great amount ( I get 200mb with o2) so I suggest you download the free Mini Moni data counter to keep track of yor useage. It counts in Bytes but you can change it to KB's (1024 KB = 1Mb). Sorry I haven't got a link to it.
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    02-18-08 02:53 PM
  8. surfcitybum's Avatar
    I have the $99.00 a month (2000 min) and the $40.00 data plan. It is company paid.
    02-19-08 01:06 AM
  9. broomhilda's Avatar
    About $85 total. I share 700 minutes with my mom, pay 30 for data plan plus five for 200 texts. All with a 15% employee discount. I forget the original plan cost, which is something like 70 bucks. Still high but cheaper then what I had for a."national" plan (plain voice, no text or data)for 120 a month with my other carrier. We used to get $cr_w_d in AK for phone service

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    02-19-08 01:20 AM
  10. toadyy's Avatar
    I just got my Curve a few days ago and love it.

    My plan: 1000 Anytime Min. 39.99, Blackberry Unlimited 19.99 and Caller Tunes for a total of 61.47 before taxes.
    02-19-08 11:45 AM
  11. mje5270's Avatar

    1500 Anytime Mins. 39.99
    BIS 19.99
    H@H TalkForever 9.99


    Employer pays for him
    02-19-08 01:12 PM
  12. filmgirl's Avatar
    I got my Curve today, but my account won't be switched to the new billing plan until Thursday.

    Before, I had $39.99 for 1000 anytime (from a preferred customer promotion like 3 years ago, though that's now an offered plan), plus $4.99 for 400 text messages and whatever my grandfathered TZones rate was (I think it was $4 a month, I never look at the bill, I just know that I pay $55.42 every month.

    As of Thursday, I'll be getting the standard BIS Minutes and Mail package
    1000 anytime minutes (so identical to what I have)
    Unlimited data
    Unlimited text
    Unlimited e-mail
    for $59.99 -- plus $5 in taxes and whatnot, I figure my bill will wind up only $10 higher a month and I'll have the benefit of having e-mail at my fingertips.
    02-19-08 08:31 PM
  13. demch's Avatar
    I'm surprised at how much people are willing to pay for voice+data! Maybe because I'm cheap, but I've accumlated a lot of loyalty benefits so I'm not used to paying more than $30 for my phone bill! (I've had the same 3-year contract with telus 3 times).

    I have "Telus-to-Telus 20" and "SPARK 10" as a free add-on (no data plan):

    Unlimited Telus to Telus mobility calls
    100 anytime minutes
    1000 evening/weekend minutes
    caller ID
    voicemail 3
    text messages (100 outgoing & unlimited incoming)
    unlimited IM
    unlimited web browsing to over 100 sites (facebook and hotmail are all I need, LOL)

    $20+tax+fees = $30/month
    04-06-09 09:44 PM
  14. Bunnii_09's Avatar
    Film girl, what service did you have before?
    04-06-09 10:02 PM
  15. scorpio1973's Avatar
    Let's see. . .

    For T-Mo, I have - myFaves 300 plan $39.99 + unlimited BB data & text $34.99 = $74.99

    For VZW, I have - 450 minutes plan $39.99 + unlimited BB data $29.99 + 500 text messages $10.00 = $79.98
    04-06-09 10:18 PM
  16. Duvi's Avatar
    $15 for unl personal - for my personal

    $Free for enterprise - I work for at&t
    04-07-09 01:27 AM
  17. readingteacher05's Avatar
    I have Alltel and I have one of the Smart Choice Packs


    1200 minutes
    unlimited data
    unlimited nights/weekends
    nights start @ 7pm
    unlimited text msgs
    unlimited mobile to mobile (of course)
    and My Circle (one of the best things in the world to have)

    and all of this on America's Largest Network

    Thanks Chad!!!


    I have this plan + hubbie's bb @ 40 + son's flip @19.99 + 14 for insurance

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    04-07-09 01:36 AM
  18. HIGHLANDER's Avatar
    I am on Orange uk on a pay monthly sim

    Dolphin 20 600 minutes and unlimited texts
    BIS Bolt on 5 For 250mb of data mail/internet etc

    Total 25

    Best part no tie in,can give 1 months notice and pimp to whoever is cheaper

    04-07-09 03:38 AM
  19. FobBerry's Avatar
    41 I get unlimited text, unlimited BIS, 600 minutes and insurance. Not too bad, me thinks.

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    04-07-09 04:59 AM
  20. Maximus55's Avatar
    For 20 a month with O2 I get 600 mins, 1200 texts and free unlimited Blackberry Internet!! I had to buy my own Blackberry though.
    04-07-09 05:17 AM
  21. TearBear's Avatar
    $134.00 a month for one Blackberry with unlimited data and two cell phones with a total of 700 minutes, unlimited shared minutes and insurance on the BB and emergency roadside on all 3 phones.
    04-07-09 05:34 AM
  22. JD76ers's Avatar
    my Curve and my wife's Pearl on a shared plan.
    1500 shared minutes
    free nights and weekends
    unlimited data and messaging
    for $131 a month with Sprint
    04-07-09 06:22 AM
  23. dskid807's Avatar
    15 a month for BIS with 2gb data is what I pay plus 15 voice plan but that's the best I can get.
    04-07-09 06:24 AM
  24. flamingkitties's Avatar
    Paying about 15 a month rental from Orange UK which includes a paltry 50 or 100 texts and about an hour or so of free calls, plus a 5 500mb data bundle.
    04-07-09 07:22 AM
  25. zazzified's Avatar
    I'm on a family plan and the total for that and a couple other lines is well over $300. For my line, I have a $10 added line, $6/month insurance (I think, whatever Verizon's top one is), $3/month visual voicemail, $30 data plan. I also have unlimited messaging but since that's part of the family plan I don't know what it would break down to for my line.

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    04-07-09 08:35 AM
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