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    Hello all,

    Do any of you know the exact difference between BlackBerry Internet Browsing and BlackBerry Internet Browsing 2 Service books?

    Let's call BlackBerry Internet Browsing 1 as B1 and Browsing 2 as B2

    I found that B1 redirects all usage to RIM Servers, max 5MB download per file, but carrier can't track or monitor you .

    B2 redirects all usage to your carrier servers, no max file size, but carrier can track and monitor you.

    I found that in the middle east nearly no carrier other than Etisalat UAE and Egypt that provide Unlimited BIS

    Found out that their B2 doesn't redirect the usage to the carrier(Etisalat) servers as happens with others lol!

    This could be why they are providing unlimited because they redirect the B2 usage to B1 through RIM but as the device see B2 is just force no max file size

    Also found that normally B2 on most carriers will show the BlackBerry IP Address as one of the carrier IPs but once you delete B2 and leave B1 you will get an IP address from RIM not your carrier.

    However over Etisalat B2 and B1 both set the BlackBerry IP to one from RIM

    I hope you all help me and other to get the secrets of service books.

    Carriers that force RIM to handle the Data as Etisalat(which I knew about from customers using it):

    Airtel India. Thanks Shahriyar Ali from BBin.in
    Rogers Canada Thanks Bla1ze from MobileNations and Android Centeral
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    Found out that AIRTel India which also provide Unlimited plans does the same as Etisalat where it force RIM to handle it all causing no IP address difference between having BlackBerry Internet Browsing 2 Service book or not. Thanks Shahriyar Ali from BBin.in

    Also Rogers is doing exactly the same. Thanks Bla1ze from MobileNations
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    No one has any information regarding Service books?
    12-09-11 01:40 AM