1. sjwpenney's Avatar
    Blackberry has held the crown of Canada's tech giant for some time now. What does that mean for sale possibilities, break-up of the company, etc.? Are domestic buyers going to appear or are we definitely looking at BB and its technology becoming assets of a foreign company and which ones? I think the relative health of the company despite its present challenges indicates that it could definitely have a future going forward (see BB board directors comments on Ericsson in Sweden) unlike Nortel but I'm not sure what that could mean.

    Definitely interested in hearing Canadian or other perspectives on what this whole sale/break-up. There's been so much talk but I feel like the analysis has been very shallow - looking forward to hearing some crackberry insight.
    09-05-13 08:12 AM
  2. Homo Erectus's Avatar
    I'm happy they are for sale
    09-05-13 08:18 AM
  3. sjwpenney's Avatar
    I'm happy they are for sale
    Just for shareholder value? Or do you think this is actually going to increase its relevancy (as the strategic alternatives announcement said it was designed to)?
    09-05-13 08:20 AM

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