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    With the recent news of BlackBerry and NantHealth in the healthcare and Indian market, one has to wonder what else BlackBerry is working on.

    John Chen holds the key to BlackBerry's return and growth in new markets by unlocking its potential. He has ties with his former companies and the boards he sits on. One can guess the benefits that he brings.

    Watch the John Chen as Sybase CEO video below for some clues:

    Connections to:
    - Europe (SAP, Siemans)
    - Asia-Pacific (Sybase, POTUS Export Council and other international relations appointments, and background)
    - Financial Sector (Sybase, Wells Fargo, CIT Group)
    - Healthcare Sector (NantHealth and the 250 global hospitals it provides services to)
    - IT Sector (His engineering background, Sybase, SAP, Siemans, and hi-tech start-ups)

    It's no coincidence that SAP bought Sybase and tapping into their strengths for mobile and supporting the financial services industry.
    So as Chen said before, the focus is back on regulated industries for strong compliance and security. We are already seeing BlackBerry getting involved with mobile payments in the Canadian financial sector and carriers. No coincidence Chen was able to pull off the Foxconn deal so quickly. No coincidence that we have Frozen/Toy Story stickers and Temple Run Oz and Brave games from Disney.

    The success in the partnerships and connections in the financial services can be replicated to the US and international markets. What happens in India and healthcare can be brought over to the healthcare industry in North America and other international markets. These are just some examples of potential where BlackBerry can insert themselves into as a key player and leader.

    I think the chances for Chen and BlackBerry being in a business school case study are looking up.

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    07-05-14 10:31 AM
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    Informative. Thank you.
    07-05-14 10:36 AM

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