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  1. ftg888's Avatar
    If your like me and constantly fiddling with your blackberry, its nice to have 1 simple install package to reinstall all your favorite programs. Or also if you like me your not using BIS/BES and using a pay as you go sim card for your blackberry, installing programs can sometimes be hard, or impossible OTA as there is no browser depending on the carrier.

    I have manually gathered about 10+ useful programs that I use on a day to day basis and a few extra goodies.
    Hope you find my all in 1 install package useful, and it helps save time for you.

    Programs Included:
    BBTran,QQ2008,Black and White List 1.4,Crackberry,Facebook 1.2.0,Flashlight Pro,Google Mail 1.5.1,Google Maps 2.2.0,Google Mobile Updater 2.1.4,Google Sync 0.4.2,implus 5.2.6,JiveTalk 1.0.5,Mail by Google 1.5.1,Mobile File Manager 2.5.36,Newsgator Go 2.2.7,Opera Mini 4.1,TwitterBerry 0.6,Viigo 2.2.86

    All above programs are freeware, shareware, with 2 being trials if you like them buy them.

    The rescue pack can be downloaded my website. If you find it useful please feel free to leave a thank you note.

    Since im new and cant post a link, look at the picture attachment for website.

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    06-16-08 08:32 PM
  2. rockigirl's Avatar
    wow you rock! i wish i had that pack when i first started cb. nice job and welcome to cb
    06-16-08 09:24 PM
  3. ftg888's Avatar
    i just try and save people time and effort. i can update it if enough people request it 1x a month. add programs etc. within reason.

    06-16-08 10:23 PM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I actually accomplish this by using the Switch Device Wizard
    and capturing the folder it creates with all my apps and reapply
    it when I reinstall.

    A bit more useful since I don't use one single app in your pack.
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    06-16-08 10:29 PM