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    Hi I'm new here and seriously thinking about trading my sprint mogul for a blackberry 8830,but need advice. I hear alot of great things about blackberry devices but have no experiance with them. First off I love to surf the web on my mogul and was wondering how the 8830's web browsing compares to the mogul's? I know that theres an opera mobile and mini version browsers for the BB devices. Are these the same as the mogul pocket pc version? Will they display actual web pages not mobile versions? Also does the 8830 support instant messanger cliants like aim and yahoo? And last thing is will mobile tv work on the 8830? I've read were its not device specific so does this mean it will work on the 8830 if you update the o.s. or software? thanks for any help guys,maybe you guys can convince me to make the switch to blackberry.
    02-14-08 06:20 PM
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    Well I don't know about Mogul but OperaMini delivers near-PC web pages. And we're soon to be getting Firefox mobile. You can get your I'm om the 8830 by downloading RIM's I'm clients (limited carrier support) or get JiveTalk.

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    02-14-08 07:23 PM