1. Jeh's Avatar
    After recieving my BB 8800 about 4 months ago I knew the original leather holster while very nice would not live in my work environment (auto shop). I imediately invested in a Monaco aluminum case in a small hope of keeping my BB in one piece. I have destruction insurance but it still has a $100.00 deductable plus the agrivation of being without a phone. I saw what a beating the metal case was taking and figured it would last about 6-8 weeks so I got a deal on ebay for 3 more so I would always have a spare. Now after 4 months all 4 were broken. They did a nice job of keeping the BB in one piece and looking new save for a small wear mark on the num 8 key but none the less all had failed. So I just purchased a Otterbox after reading the review on Crackberry and this thing is beefy to say the least. Im not sure if I would drive a truck over it but I'm am impressed so far. The reviews leave you feeling its incredibly bulky but its not much more than the plain metal case and it looks like it will bounce better

    I will report back in a week or so
    02-03-08 06:31 PM
  2. KarlyT's Avatar
    I recently got the OtterBox for my 8830. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do get used to it, you learn to appreciate its protection. I doubt that the OtterBox will go through the same wear as your metal boxes! These are built to last.
    02-03-08 06:38 PM