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    Just lost my phone yesterday while on a train ride. It was really cramped up and packed. It was a really long story but basically, and obviously, I lost my phone (9900). After that, I immediately called my sister to login to my blackberry protect account and do everything there, wipe, lock, track.

    Without the device to check how would I know:
    1.) If the device is already wiped. It only shows "Pending: this command will be delivered the next time your device is connected to a wireless network."
    2.) If the phone is ringing, would the constitute as the device being "on a wireless network"?
    3.) Is there a way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the wipe message went through?

    - The device might have been wiped through the first wipe command my sister sent and the following wipe command is futile and redundant because the device is either really offline and unusable.
    - After the "thievery" event, and probably the third and so on wipe command, we tried calling the phone and its still ringing but only being rejected.
    - Cannot track location. Probably because of the fact she sent the wipe first, but wiping it would make it unringable or cannot be contacted, yes?
    - The day this had to happen is the day my long password annoyed, hence no password, I know, a really really stupid thing.
    - Contacted my service provider and sent them the IMEI and BB PIN to try and send a wipe message "network" side and revoke access or the BIS so it wont receive my emails.
    - already changed all pertinent password (emails, FB, twitter, etc.)

    *I searched the forum and did not land on anything a little relevant, some, but not enough to answer this, hope the community understands. Thank you.*

    Basically, I want to know how to confirm that the wipe command went through, it still states, "Pending: this command will be delivered the next time your device is connected to a wireless network."
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    Oh man, I feel for ya.
    Looks like you're on top of your game and I wish you all the luck in getting it back.
    I can't answer your questions, I'm just empathizing.
    02-17-12 12:30 AM
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    If your phone is inside a house or something, its kind of hard to pick up the GPS signal...I suggest putting a lock on it from the protect blackberry site, you can also set a password to it.

    Or call your carrier and report it stolen. You would need the IMEI number and pin. This makes it so BBM won't work, and a few other things.
    02-17-12 01:33 AM
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    cntrydncr223 - It's ok. It really saddens me that there people in the world like that. Thank you.

    sharma0702 - I was not really hoping on getting back the device per se, it would be nice though so I can catch the guy. I was really more worried about if the WIPE command went through and how to really confirm that it was executed... Also, the "lock command" was also pending, as is with all the commands. Already called the carrier and I am in the process of transferring my contact number to a new sim.
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