View Poll Results: Which is best BlackBerry Protect or BlackBerry Encrytion

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  • BlackBerry Protect

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  1. jerry12's Avatar
    Which is best for secury BlackBerry Protect or Encrytion ?
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    08-26-11 02:12 PM
  2. soccernamlak's Avatar
    Well, with BlackBerry Protect, you'll be able to track your phone and do a remote wipe, so long as it has data connection.

    Unfortunately, if your phone gets stolen and the theft disables radio access, then the thief has an unencrypted phone and could pull the information off.

    Encryption lacks the tracking and remote wipe, but if it's stolen, you can assure yourself that all the data on the phone will remain secure.

    It's really up to you and how you use your phone. For me, I don't have anything on my phone that has to be super-secure, so I use Protect.
    08-26-11 02:16 PM
  3. jerry12's Avatar
    only one vote.
    08-30-11 04:25 PM