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    Hi there,
    I recently switched to BES in order to access my corporate email. After the first restart I received a notification telling me that BlackBerry Pretect does not work on BES. So I was wonderin if you knew if there was a similar application that might work on BES?

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    06-28-12 03:34 PM
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    BES is Blackberry Protect. Essentially, Protect was introduced as a consumer product that provides all the security/backup functionality as BES.

    In essence, you still have Blackberry Protect. Now, it's just your BES admin running it instead of RIM.
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    06-28-12 03:40 PM
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    That's a good question! The BES protects your BlackBerry alot better than the app does (your content I am reffering about), but it (the BES) does not have the ability to find your device. What you can do is find an app that allows you to find your device if ever it is stolen or misplaced. I hope this helps!
    06-28-12 03:45 PM
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    You guys are great. Thanks!!
    Going to BB World to find a phone locator...

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    06-28-12 04:12 PM
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    Note that your BES admin might not allow downloading apps.

    Just as an FYI....
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    06-28-12 04:26 PM