1. ladydianab's Avatar
    I have been taking pictures with my phone but have yet to print them. I am curious to know what the print quality is like. I am thinking of getting a regular digital camera but if the BB prints are okay I may save the money. So what has your experience been with photos? thanks, di
    04-09-08 01:08 PM
  2. mettleh3d's Avatar
    Pretty poor. They look fine on the 320x240 screen until you import them to pc.
    04-09-08 04:19 PM
  3. jhard's Avatar
    If picture quality is important too you I would never rely on the built in camera.

    They're just meant for those spur of the moment captures. I'd definitely invest in a stand alone camera if I were you.
    04-09-08 08:30 PM
  4. rejectdude3's Avatar
    With a 3 MP camera you can usually get a fairly good quality 4x6 print as long as you don't crop the image and you have it set to the highest quality setting. With a 2 MP camera, if you're lucky, you can get an okay quality 4x6, though it usually has some pixilation and/or color distortion. You may be better suited trying for a 3x4 or wallet sized print with your phone if you want the highest quality you can get.

    If you're really wanting 4x6 or 5x7 prints you can find pretty decent cameras with 6-8 MP (6 MP would suffice for even up to 8x10 prints with no cropping) for only $99 these days, and some even come bundled with a case, rechargeable AA batteries and the charger. If you don't really need anything more than a couple prints now and then and aren't looking for anything as large as or larger than a 4x6 print then I'd say you're good with just your BB's camera.
    04-09-08 08:55 PM