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    For as long as I can remember, I have admired the look of a BlackBerry. When it came time for me to buy my first smartphone almost 2 years ago, it had to be a BlackBerry, coincidentally, I found a deal to get a Storm 2 for free. Shortly thereafter i stumbled upon these forums and have since read avidly. While my Storm has been quirky at times, I have never had any major issues (so it is clear, I do not consider myself a "hard" user).

    With all of the recent RIM turmoil, and being on the verge of an upgrade, I have been compelled to post. As I said, I do not use my phone as much as some, however, I continue to find more things that increase upon my experience. Even as bad as my phone is compared to others, I love it.

    To get to my main point, I am soon to be due an upgrade, that being said, I am trying to be a wise and informed consumer, and am doing much research. I have been to a few VZW stores in my area and played with all of the phones. I keep staring at the 9930, it seems to be calling to me. I don't think I could use another phone, unless forced to, and furthermore I like the current BB OS format.

    I am really just trying to garner input into my conundrum. I really like my BB, I plan on getting a 9930, however I am a bit nervous about BBX. Hopefully others feel this way, and if not I still hope they share their opinions.
    10-25-11 09:23 PM
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    i'd get the 9930. if RIM sticks to its model BBX won't be out for another two years anyway, so you be up again for upgrade.

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    10-25-11 09:29 PM
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    If you have been a BB user for a while now, and have played with the 9930, then you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting. And I think you'll frickin' love it.

    Despite the naysayers, RIMM isn't going anywhere anytime soon ( at the very worst someone would buy them).

    If you're asking for opinions, mine is to definitely pick up the 9930... I think it stacks up pretty well to any phone currently on the market (except in the area of apps, which isn't that big of a deal to some people).
    10-25-11 09:29 PM
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    If you loved your storm 2, you may also want to check out the Torch 9850 or 9860 depending on your carrier. I swore rim and black berry off after owning both Storm 1 and Storm 2 and said I was going iphone 4s. Picked up the 9850 and having owned it now for almost 2 weeks, it is an awesome device.I think it is going to be quite aways off before anyone sees BBX or whatever. Rim is slower to produce and deliver their products on time. I see no need to worry about having a BB device running O/S 7 on it. I want BBX too, but if I have to keep what I have for two years, I think I would be able to live with it. BBX so close, yet so far, or at least I see it that way
    10-25-11 09:31 PM
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    Nervous because BBX might be better?

    I like to think of it this way.

    9930 will be the flagship of the classic BlackBerry OS.
    That being said, you can always be able to tell your friends, family or whatever why you have it, because it is the best of its kind. Forever. Guaranteed.

    BBX is the next generation. It won't have a keyboard. (At least in its first revision)

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    10-25-11 09:32 PM
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    I've got five kids... two Iphone users, two Android and thankfully one BB. Folks at work are more passionate about their various phones than they are about things they should be passionate about. The one kid who bought a 9930 is a Petty Officer First Class in the Navy. He's got more money than I do! He likes it for the same reasons I do. Get and use what you like, it's a tool, not just a toy.
    10-25-11 10:20 PM
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    If your issue is buy a BB now or wait... I'd buy now. BBX will provide a new look and feel for the OS, but it'll still do the same things that a 99XX does. Plus, you simply don't know how long it'll be until a BBX phone hits shelves. It could be 5 months, it could be a year and 5 months.
    10-26-11 08:12 AM