1. t.may70's Avatar
    Hello All, new here so I apologize if I post this on the wrong board. I am going to be switching to Verizon and getting a Blackberry (loved my sisters) However, I am looking for a few basics, I want wifi, the optical track-pad and rather small, I would love the tour if it had the optical track-pad. Are there any current phones that fit these options, or maybe something that will be coming out. I also dont mind buying one full price to get what I want, as long as it works on Verizon and I can get them to activate it. Thanks Guys, and again sorry if I put this in the wrong board.
    08-14-10 11:20 AM
  2. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    The 8530 and 9650 fit your description my friend! Welcome to Crackberry

    You can check them out either at verizonwireless.com for basic information or BlackBerry - Compare BlackBerry Smartphones and PDAs at BlackBerry.com for more advanced info.

    Hope that helps
    08-14-10 11:40 AM