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    1. I'm an BB user since 7 years starting from curve 9320 and now Q10. wanted to upgrade to passport now. I have read in some forums about the sqw 100-1 -4 versions based upon variants saleable in different markets.
    Can anyone please let me know which sqw 100 - ? is suitable for INDIA ?

    2. I was also inclined towards buying BB Priv to experience BB Android but was demotivated after reading the PRIV common problems faced worldwide.
    I still prefer buying Priv if BB can confirm all those issue like heating / wifi / car Bluetooth connect / battery draining are fixed or may get fixed on s/w upgrade. Also which version of BB PRIV version (sqw 100 - ?) to buy in INDIA.

    Thanks a lot in advance
    09-07-17 01:12 AM

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