1. adeenoki's Avatar
    I want to add my owa account using the OWA option in BIS email setup. My problem is I don't authenticate with a password, but instead a CAC. Any options I can change to allow that? Otherwise it's not letting me authenticate. I have a CAC sled and proper certs imported and can log onto OWA through the browser, but would like to sync the messages to my email instead. Do I need to use our BES? I'd rather not conform to the policies they push over our network

    Let me know if there are any other options please!
    01-13-11 05:46 AM
  2. Pcpro745's Avatar
    If this is a work account im guessing the only way they would let you check your email on your device is with the BES account for security reasons, They dont have the option to set it up any other way if they have a BES Server. You would need your username and password for your email if you want to set it up with OWA, you most likely cannot use CAC
    01-13-11 03:12 PM