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    I am waiting to purchase a Blackberry Bold whenever it comes out for AT&T in the US. This will be my first Blackberry I have only used Windows Mobile devices to sync with Outlook in the past. I currently work for a company remote and live and breath e-mails. The company doesn't have an Exchange server, so I download my e-mails from a POP3 account to my computer using Outlook 2003. With the Windows Mobile device I could receive e-mails and send e-mails while I was out. When I would get back to my office I would sync my WM device to my PC and all my sent e-mails would sync into the sent folder in Outlook 2003. I have around 20 folders in Outlook and the sent folder is the most important since I need it to quickly search my responses or follow-up e-mails. Can I do this on the Blackberry? If yes, then how? I have heard the blackberry doesn't have a sent folder... this would be a deal breaker for me. I can't have everything even sent items in my Outlook inbox...sorting them and then placing them into the sent folder would be very time consuming. Any help would be appreciated...I am really looking forward to breaking free of Windows Mobile...

    -Got a reply in another forum Going to pick up a Bold once AT&T finally gets around to releasing it :|

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