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    im new to blackberry currently i have the 4.2 not updated or anything that came with my blackberry 8800 for rogers network, does anyone know if the OS 4.6 will be able to install on my blackberry 8800 ?!?!

    and where abouts i could get information on how to proceeed for the update or new install ?

    do i have to purchase the new OS from blackberry ?!

    thanks thanks
    05-06-08 02:35 PM
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    You already have the latest OS for your model. 4.5 hasn't even been released yet. So I wouldn't even think about 4.6.
    05-06-08 02:47 PM
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    Welcome 2 CB...

    4.6 may not do much, if anything for your 8800. The next OS will be the 4.5 for your berry.

    05-06-08 02:52 PM
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    You already have the latest OS for your model. 4.5 hasn't even been released yet. So I wouldn't even think about 4.6.
    Welcome to the Crack!
    The safest place to find the latest OS, and it's usually free of cost, plus comes with instructions, is your Carrier web site.
    05-06-08 02:57 PM
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    thank you all for posting and being so welcoming , i didnt expect anyone to reply so fast.

    iv only had this phone for a bit which by means of bay purchase i obtained it at a reasonable price, so i dont think that my carrier (rogers) would have any type of updates or anything for me from their site. mind u rogers is horrible at customer service, useless infact.

    so i was hoping i could simply download updates or reinstall the OS on it.

    now i did the research and i found that the 4.5 will be supported on the 8800, but i would rather have wait till the 4.6 (as i like the interface better) that is why i was asking if it would be possible to just wait for the 4.6 and install that . but if not the 4.5 will do.

    where is some good sources for the downloading of updates (currently i have, platform ? blackberry site ? (one again i searched rogers and found nothing)

    and not only how do i update/install these... but what should i know too as its my first blackberry and i have never done this before

    thanks again and some n000b questions

    where can i get new themes also ?
    and for some reason my blackberry shows a 2 missed phone icons in the top screen even tough i cleared it along long time ago several times ? how do i go about removing this ?
    when people call, it only shows a number and not the name in my phone book, how do i change that ?
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    05-06-08 03:28 PM
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    05-06-08 06:05 PM
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    ...some good sources for the downloading of updates (currently i have, platform ? blackberry site ? ...
    The BlackBerry site is the only trusted source of OS downloads. If you follow a carrier link, you will end up at BlackBerry.com for the actual download.

    Rogers customer service could use some improvement, good thing we dont have to depend of them.

    It does not matter which carrier link you follow. If there is a model specific version, anywhere in the World, you can install it to your device.

    When v4.3 or v4.5 becomes available, you will hear it here first.

    BlackBerry 8800, 8820 - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    how do i update/install these...
    John Clark said it best, if you can get past Mr. Bean.


    The process is exactly the same for a version update.
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    05-06-08 10:04 PM
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    ok, 'm gonna try to go in order for ya, even though sunkast beat me to the themes question.

    1. If you go into the 8800 section of the forums, there is a thread stickied, called NEWEST 8800 OS you have to load the 8800 only, as it will not work with other OS. To make it easy for ya, its right HERE
    The directions to install it are in that thread, as well as the link to the newest OFFICIAL OS available.

    2. To clear the missed call icon, you can: Go into your messages folder press menu> options> view folder> call log.
    That should mark all the calls that you opened them.

    3. Go into Options> security options> general options> scroll to content protection, and change "include address book" to NO. Then save it.
    05-06-08 10:19 PM
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    Also you could try (as with most phones) entering the area code for the phone number in your address book in order for it to be recognized.
    05-06-08 11:02 PM