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    I've had a boostberry 8350i, after holding for 40 min with Boost they're telling me nextel phones are not compatible with their blackberry service! They said it doesn't fuction on the iden network and cannot activate it for me! (their phone has no sim card?) When it comes to communicating with blackberry servers does it really matter?

    Complete BS, the blackberry internet is between my phone and BIS servers and has nothing to do with boosts network.

    Have any of you guys had any luck. I'm considering buying their crappy blaclberry activating the blackberry service and program and return their crappy phone.

    Yes im frustrated reaching boosts blackberry department takes 40 minutes!
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    01-23-10 03:49 PM
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    it may not really work.... they may be correct
    01-23-10 04:36 PM
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    I've called a few times and they;re saying the 8350i is not compatible which blows I just paids $300 for it.

    But apparently for blackberry service boost is using the CDMA network in place of their traditional iden.

    I would like to buy their phone sign up for blackberry plan, activate BIS return the phone and buy an unlocked CDMA blackberry but im not completely sure it will work.

    I may try it because worse case it's a few hours time and a couple trips to the store to return their phone.

    So sad I like my 8350i and can't get it functional.
    01-23-10 05:15 PM
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    Go to a real carrier. That will solve all your problems.

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    01-23-10 06:30 PM
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    Now that Boost Mobile has a Blackberry, it could make BIS available for the 8350i. Boost Mobile blocked this feature because they didn't have any Blackberry device back then . Remember that Boost iDEN handsets came before CDMA for the unlimited $50 plan, and Nextel iDEN already had the BB 8350i a few months before this promotion...
    01-23-10 11:16 PM
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    Random question, but does anyone know if the Boost Mobile 8330 have GPS? If it does, I'm considering getting one.

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    01-24-10 05:59 AM
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    I copied and pasted this from the Boost website, it does say gps enabled.

    BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone from Boost Mobile
    •Enhanced Web Browser
    •3G Speeds (where available)
    •Full QWERTY Keypad & Trackball Navigation
    •2MP camera with Flash, 5x Zoom and Video
    •Access to BlackBerry Apps, Games, & More
    •Media Player with Standard Audio Jack
    •1GB microSD™ card Included
    •Stereo Bluetooth Capable
    •GPS Enabled
    01-29-10 06:13 PM
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    i flashed my 8350i to boost, only some sprint stores willl do it. i paid forty bucks and you just cant get blackberry udates through them. Dont use the cd that comes with it and just get your updates through the person who flashed it. I just did it but its workin good for me.
    05-29-10 04:56 AM
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    I've been with the Boost bb plan for 6 months and have enjoyed every minute. FICI forgot to mention unlimited data, email, sms, mms, and nationwide calling, all with no contract. Hey philbert what's a real carrier, one that rakes you over the coals and gives you crappy service knowing you can't get out for 2 years. Yeah thats what everyone should have.

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    05-29-10 08:13 AM