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    The company has now launched the direct sales of BB10! Spread the word! This should have been done from inception the Carriers have been telling consumers NOT to buy these new devices for quite sometime, I was dissuaded by a number of sales reps from Rogers Bell and Virgin when I switched in March! There was and is a concerted effort to see the new OS fail! I had to actually fight to get my BlackBerry Z10 eventually getting it and having the sales rep say " this company will be dead in a few months, that the phone was no good" they were forcing me to Buy the Iphone or Samsung S3 at that time even though I insisted that I wanted to buy the Z10, which by the way I NEVER regretted, my other two devices are iphone 5 and Samsung S4 which cannot compare in terms of productivity, I hope that all consumers let their friends know about the many lies and misinformation going on about the device, this is the only way we can do our small part to ensure that a Canadian Firm ,employing Canadians and supporting current consumers stays,ALIVE! The issue of Quality Apps us being addressed!

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    09-28-13 04:30 PM
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    Someone already posted this in the news and rumors section
    09-28-13 04:40 PM
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    09-28-13 04:43 PM

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