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    A user brought to my attention today that after a recent handheld software update/bes reactivation, they no longer have their 2008 calendar apointments on their device. Everything from January until present is there, but nothing before. I know that only so many items come across during a resync, so I'm wondering if there is a setting i'm missing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    *edit* by the way, it's a verizon 8830 running the 4.5 os.
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    04-22-09 09:02 AM
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    I have similar problems with my Curve on Verizon. I suspect your BES Admin folks screwed with settings & not allowed any items older than 2009. You can clear your Calendar info from BB, then do a one-way Sync from Outlook (providing all your old Calendar items are still there).

    But once you switch the BB Calendar Sync back to Wireless Sync, whatever settings your BES Admin folks set, is what seems to happen, unfortunately.

    Best of luck.
    05-04-09 08:21 AM