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    BlackBerry Navigator v7.1.0.609 Now Available on BlackBerry World-bb_navigator_7.1.0.609.png

    What is BlackBerry Navigator?

    Now you can have the best in automotive navigation application at your fingertips!

    BlackBerry Navigator turns your handset into a powerful sat nav tool with voice guided turn-by-turn spoken directions, local search and maps just like an advanced GPS navigation system but for free. And its all in your BlackBerry!

    With BlackBerry Navigator, you can perform a local search by business category, address, intersection or postcode. When youve found where you want to go, BlackBerry Navigator gives you voice guided, turn-by-turn spoken directions to your destination. If you miss your turn, dont sweat it. BlackBerry Navigator will automatically re-route always giving you the fastest route possible using real-time traffic conditions.

    Product Features:

    Navigation & Traffic
    Real-time turn-by-turn spoken directions to destination
    Automatic re-routing if a turn is missed.
    Preview route steps and upcoming turns.
    Trip summary and overview map with entire trip highlighted.
    3D map view simulates what the user should expect to see ahead.
    Spoken directions include both maneuvers and actual street name pronunciations so that users can focus on the road and not the screen for a safer driving experience.

    Local Search
    Local Search - provides information for nearby hotels and restaurants as well as other POIs, such as businesses, attractions, and events. Narrow the search by choosing sub-categories. One-touch calling feature - dials the place's phone number for the subscriber.
    Save directory results to the address book for future use.
    Home screen shortcuts - Easily create home screen shortcuts for "click to go" to frequent or important destinations.

    Extra . . .
    7 digits postcode support
    BBM Integration Send location enabled messages to your BBM contacts.
    Facebook - Keep your friends and family updated by posting your location or favorite cafe to Facebook.
    Contacts App Integration - Get directions to a contact right from your device's contacts.
    Day/Night Mode - Automatic Day and Night Mode.

    03-07-13 11:13 PM
  2. Sqoon's Avatar
    Unavailable, omg bs

    Posted via CB10
    03-07-13 11:48 PM
  3. AidenSurvival's Avatar
    Not available for my phone.
    03-07-13 11:53 PM
  4. Stephen Green's Avatar
    Not for bb10! ?

    Using Z10 posting on CB10
    03-08-13 12:02 AM
  5. black.rhino's Avatar
    UK only?
    03-08-13 12:20 AM
  6. Sarcasm Detector's Avatar
    Unavailable, omg bs

    Posted via CB10
    Title says v7.1...

    Posted via CB10
    03-08-13 12:29 AM
  7. SoCalRedbird's Avatar
    Looks awesome. Not available?

    Posted via CB10
    03-08-13 12:36 AM
  8. lonedog's Avatar
    Really surprised they haven't ported a version for BB10 too. That's just.........*shakes head*
    03-08-13 09:43 AM
  9. hytran's Avatar
    Mirror isn't available, either. Great...

    I wish rroyy was all over this.
    03-08-13 09:50 AM
  10. 1magine's Avatar
    Only available in UK. This left Beta on 2/27 and was supposed to populate BB World for all countries. It has been in UK only since 2/28. Apparently it is still too buggy for a more widespread release. Also this is the same app as is natively on the BB10. This is the Tom Tom Mapping application.

    Not really sure why RIM couldn't get this little piece right. I realize they bid these things out to the low bidder, but that is a real shame when Garmin and Telenav already had excellent Sat Nav applications for BB.

    Anyway, the beta is still available in the beta zone, OR someone in the UK could be kind enough to off-load the files (.ALX and .COD) to their computer, (BBH Tools does this very easily. In-fact their are many free apps that do this, but I am certainly willing to walk someone through the process.) and email them to myself or another interested Crackberry member and we will post the files on-line. Heck I'll even make a JAD so members can just load on the phone or memory card and browse there to install.
    03-08-13 11:05 AM
  11. 1magine's Avatar
    The files have leaked for this app. There is an OTA and downloadable version.
    03-15-13 02:46 PM
  12. AidenSurvival's Avatar
    Do you have a link, good sir?
    03-16-13 01:38 AM
  13. Aguilucho's Avatar
    03-16-13 09:40 PM
  14. BBPandy's Avatar
    I have the Beta vs. It seems to work just fine in Canada, even though they say UK only
    03-16-13 10:16 PM

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