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    There have been a lot of talk on CB about BB Navigator. Some claim it's great, while others say it's useless. I think I know why.

    I live in Southern Alberta & for me the program is ok. It usually finds the places I'm searching for. There have been a couple times though when it did not (though in it's defence, 2 of those times Google Maps wasn't able to find it either). Navigation is ok, There are a few missing roads, but nothing major. So far it hasn't sent me the wrong way up a 1-way street in the middle of a blizzard like Apple maps (finding that your in the way of oncoming traffic in the middle of a snow storm is kinda scary) So for me, the program is ok, needs improvement, does what you need & gets the job done.

    My family lives in the Maritimes. I found that when out there visiting them that BB Navigator was almost useless. I hardly ever found what I was looking for, & I often found roads that were not showing up on my phone. NOT a very good experience at all.

    I was recently back in Vancouver & I found that I LOVED my BB Navigator.....almost. Everything I searched for I found & I didn't find 1 road that didn't exist on my phone. This a great App for anyone living in Vancouver EXCEPT who drives around Vancouver? They actively try to discourage people from driving around the city. The most efficient way of moving around the city is often transit. BB Navigator may be great for finding where your going, but what use is it if it only tells you how to get there by car or walking & you need to know what train or bus to take? I found that I used BB Navigator the least in Vancouver (even less then the Maritimes) Even though I found it worked the "best" there, what it gave was not what I needed.

    In conclusion, I think this shows that how good or bad BB Navigator is, is dependant on what country/province/state/city/area you are in. BB Navigator has potential, but it still needs a LOT of work...........also, I hope Google bring their new iPhone Google Maps to BB.

    What do you guys think of my regional theory?
    Now if only we could figure out why some people claim great Z10 battery life, while others say it's terrible.
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    Indeed it needs some work, it nice so far. Soms times to slow but ok.

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    04-28-13 03:08 AM
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    I think I can agree with you on the regional/country theory.
    I live in South Africa and BlackBerry Maps has worked perfectly for me.

    I would be curious to know how well Tom Tom GPS works in these other locations

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    04-28-13 03:47 AM

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