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    I was going to post something mean, but, i did notice you have at&t service, and are using an 8320. the 8320 is typically a t-mobile branded model blackberry, it is possible to unlock it, however, you will run into issues trying to use programs that are provisioned by the carrier. also, it is very easy to find free apps and themes and wallpaper, i have 15-20 apps installed on my bold and just as many themes, none of which i paid for. all it takes is a little detective work, and crackberry.com makes it very easy to do that. simply search the forums for blackberry 8320 apps or whatever model you may have and see what comes up, i check the themes post every day for new updates and it is very rare to find one with a "required" payment, some people ask for donations which isn't out of line considering they are taking their time to make it and posting it at no charge. so, I am all about someone being happy with their phone but it is a little frustrating to me, being an at&t sales rep and all, to see these kinds of things being said. I always tell my customers who are buying their first blackberry to give it at least two weeks before they decide they don't like it, I give them my business card and tell them to call me with any questions they may have and if, at the end of those two weeks still hate the phone, to bring it back and see what we can do. I have been doing this for a year and have only had 1 blackberry be returned because the customer couldn't get it, he was 80. That is also including the people that bought it without a data package. My suggestion to you, sir, or anyone reading this post, is to, before you return it, take it to a/n "authorized retailer" location. You can tell these stores apart from corprate locations simply because the reps act like they want you there and they will have chairs for you to sit in and also will have huge signs on the wall saying "authorized retailer". these stores are owned by third party companies from at&t and provide outstanding customer service. I know that i am biased on this because I work for an authorized retailer in the southeast market, but even when i was a new at&t customer i would prefer going to these stores over the corprate store simply because of the things I listed above. but good post, man got us all talking.
    03-21-09 09:55 AM
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    Wait so what phone do you have exactly? Your talking about OS 4.5 then you say you have a Storm.

    Now a few of your problems really arent.
    Wallpaper can be gotten from anywhere, go to google search for whatever you want and look at the images, you like something save it and set as wallpaper. Done. Sure some wallpapers may take 15 seconds to put on a website but some are photos that took hours to get the perfect shot or art that was made with Photoshop or some other program.

    Screen locking Get talklock, its free

    vib/ring, camera shutter well I guess its either you need it or dont care, lots of phones dont have these options. To be honest I never had a phone that rang and vibrated at the same time.

    Data plan... this part was a real joke to me. Its a Blackberry, as has been said its known for email, why get the phone if you arent going to use it to the fullest. If you ask me, you made the wrong choice. Dont get a Smart phone if you arent going to use the greatest features of it then complain about it
    don't want data? Call att, or your provider. Tell them to block
    Data. 3G turns to gsm and you're done. Did it for my fiance
    Cause she just uses her curve for textin like a mofo

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    i think there are so many people buying BB expecting wonderphones but dont actually realize what they are getting is basically a minicomputer. nothing against the OP im sorry your phone did not work out for you and i hope you are able to find a phone that can fit your needs. maybe we will see you back if not that sucks tell you BB friends about us!

    but one thing i notice a lot lately is the number of i hate my BB threads and ok thats fine i personally dont understand why you would post to just complain and not want your problem solved but that is just me. i think too many people hear BB and think omg it can do anything!!!!! and it can with the addition of apps some free some paid depending on your source. are some of them overpriced? yes they are. but i am able to use my BB for everything you can imagine and have only paid for a them and berry buzz everything else so far has been free or at least i have found free versions of what i need. i just think people need to look into the phones features and aftermarket support before purchasing because i just think they are under the impression they are getting something they are not and that sucks for them and the BB community because then they bad mouth a great device that they did just not understand. and that is not good for us or for RIM. so i just hope we can see more people do research in the future before purchasing a BB because i have never seen an i hate my BB thread from a person whos owned more than one. again nothing against the OP or people who are unhappy with their BBs but please just do some more research next time and save yourself the trouble and more importantly the money. ok my rants over now lol
    03-21-09 10:35 AM
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    snooty, useless remarks that contribute nothing.

    And your post was?
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