01-20-12 05:05 PM
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    I totally see where you are coming from. The feel of the handset after HOURS of use is phenomenal...but it is still lacking. The BlackBerry faithful has been dwindling for years, so unfortunately, you are becoming the minority of users....which is kind of sad.

    That said, users should have the best of both worlds and that is what I am suggesting. Why is it when you want to do something such as type and/or reply, you want the BlackBerry, but anything else from a consumption standpoint....say watching a movie or anything that requires more screen size, the new phone should be capable of handling both worlds.

    I'm with you, though, it HAS to be incredibly comfortable for hours on end, but more modern. A newer Curve as you suggest, that won't do. It's too old.

    I agree a Modernized Old curve might get the old faithful back, but the old faithful still was less than 40 million users in North America, not really a big enough market by today's standards.

    As for having the best of both worlds, I really don't think it is possible. The best keyboards on computers are barely used or seen anymore as people make compromises for slim/portable/cheap.
    The best screens aren't used, same reasons,
    With Mobile phones you have to make a choice, are you a doer or a viewer? a doer is better served by a qwerty device (unless said doer uses non Roman languages) and the viewer is better served by a big screen.
    01-20-12 05:05 PM
26 12