1. PassionDivaMarie's Avatar
    Hi. I have the Curve 8530 and have had it for awhile. I just upgraded my Yahoo to Mail Plus (to be able to POP) to start using Microsoft Outlook last week.

    Since doing so, when I read or delete emails on my blackberry, it's not showing in Outlook that I have read the email/deleted it and vice versa. (Had no problems when using yahoo directly)

    I have checked in my BB that I have it set to delete on my handheld & mailbox and that is not the problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    11-09-10 09:25 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    That is normal behaviour for the Post Office Protocol. (POP3)

    Outlook is your primary mail client. Your BlackBerry is seeing a copy of the message, but the actual messages was delivered to Outlook.

    I use BlackBerry to supplement Outlook. I will usually get the BlackBerry message first, that alerts me to the possible need to respond at my computer, or not.

    Sorting of messages takes place in Outlook. That means you can delete nearly everything received on the BlackBerry. Special cases, you will use Save Message on the BlackBerry to keep a copy on hand.
    11-09-10 09:36 AM