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    is it possible to use blackberry messenger without giving out your blackberry pin? I've heard they can add a contact through your email address associated with the device rather than your blackberry pin, and I've heard through this message method the invited party would not see your pin. is this true?
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    03-27-12 10:47 PM
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    Whoever is on your contact list can see your pin... So I don't really think how You add them matters.. I've never heard of this probably Because if you want to hide your pin from someone then why have you added them in the first place lol

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    03-27-12 10:58 PM
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    No possible. A very dumb try.
    03-28-12 04:54 AM
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    just wondering
    03-28-12 05:45 AM
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    If at any point you can delete the contact and the phone will ask if you want to block further requests from that PIN. This may achieve what you were asking about. Once you delete them and block their requests, they cannot contact you anymore. I don't know if this block can be undone.
    03-28-12 10:56 AM
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    just wondering
    Don't worry. Being curious is a good thing. The question is fine its just that there is no way.
    03-28-12 11:41 AM