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    I see a ton of questions on here about BBM, but I don't ever use this application!! I'm 1 of 6 people I know that have a data package on their BB, and 4 of them are people that are from my corporate office (which means they don't care as long as they get e-mail)! I've never used BBM, and I'm curious, what do you use it for, and who do you keep in contact with? I'd like to get in on the BBM scene. You can PM me for my pin... I've got nothing to loose! I also don't use any IM applications, so is BBM like that? How does it work? Is it like a text messaging system only using pin numbers instead of phone numbers?

    **there might be threads to answer all of my questions on this thread... I'm not going to lie... I've had a couple drinks, I'm bored, it's early morning, and this question has been on my mind for a while. If there are threads to answer my questions, please post them on here so I can take a look. Don't hammer on me here... by the time I read the responses to this thread... my head will be pounding enough, we've all been there...

    02-07-09 02:49 AM
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    You can sign up in the social forums on many threads, just pick one that interests you. I have 14 people on mine that are from CrackBerry. I think its a nice way to meet new folks and chat.


    I use it daily. It's like SMS somewhat but I like the layout of BBM. You can see who is available to chat once they are on your list. If you like to chat its a great little feature/app

    Good luck
    02-07-09 03:03 AM
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    BBM is instant messenging between BlackBerrys. Requires a data plan and data goes through RIM servers.

    Our company has over 100 BlackBerrys and encourages us to use BBM instead of text messages, since we are charged for text messages but not BBM since it uses data and we're all on unlimited data. So I have a bunch of company people plus a bunch of BlackBerry friends on my BBM list. I use it a lot. Sometimes its nice to copy a convo to a file for future reference.

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    02-07-09 08:21 AM