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    Wow do I love this!
    Syncs music straight from my iTunes!

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    Not sure if I'm allowed to post it. I don't see why not.
    Enjoy it! If the link is taken down can moderators please keep the topic open so we can at least talk about it? Just p/m me for it if they do lol.

    Blackberry Media Sync is an application for selecting and transferring music from a users PC, specifically their iTunes music collection, to their BlackBerry Device. Users can choose from the following Sync Options:

    1. Random shuffle
    2. Specific Playlists
    3. Random shuffle and Specific Playlists

    * Support for Music Sync only (no support for pictures, video or files containing DRM)
    * Simple/Easy to use
    * Stand alone application. Easy to install from the web.
    * Support USB sync between a users PC and their BlackBerry
    * Integration with iTunes

    Sync Options:

    Random Shuffle - only

    Sync Specific Playlists - only

    Specific Playlists with Random Shuffle to fill remaining space
    07-10-08 10:20 PM