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    My husband and I just got home from a New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden (7th win in a row...Yehhhh!). Upon entering on the sixth floor and waiting for my husband to arrive at the 100 level, right outside of our seat section on the concourse was a BB marketing team in an area displaying BeBold logos. I have to admit I immediately became really excited as it's my first time spotting BB marketing at any function! So of course I went right over to them. They explained that BB is sponsoring a contest where the winner receives free tickets to NY Knicks games, so they scanned the barcode through my bbm and I'm now entered. (Later, I of course sent my husband back to do his phone also). I was the only one there at that time, but I lingered chit-chatting with a couple of the reps, and as I was leaving I noticed that people were beginning to gather in that area to check them out, and some of the reps began actually approaching fans as they entered the concourse to ask if they were currently blackberry users or would consider changing to Blackberry. I also noted that the BeBold logo was also featured periodically during the game on the jumbotron as a sponsor. I'm really glad to see that BB is getting more visible in their marketing, but I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't at least have Playbooks on display for folks to sample, etc. Missed opportunity? As I think about it now, I don't think they had any phones either, just cabaret type tables covered with BB logos....Sorry I didn't hang out there longer to question more, but didn't want to miss opening tip...

    Go Blackberry!
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    02-15-12 10:31 PM
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    but didn't want to miss opening tip...
    here's a tip for you....they don't actually try until the 4th quarter.
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    02-15-12 10:37 PM
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    Nice post! I think they need ta go all out n show off some new apps running on 7 and the PB!
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    02-15-12 11:02 PM
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    A video demo would have been far more effective. Drab isn't gonna grab nearly as much draw as what people can see in action. Good to hear they were doing something, though!
    02-15-12 11:09 PM
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    Watching the Knicks game now and they have a lil segment that is sponsored by BB as well.
    02-17-12 08:07 PM