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    Yes you read that title correctly.

    It seems in the last Q BlackBerry has grown its market share in the UK along with ios & the windows phone.

    But note that IOS is still down from its peak of 38% last year.

    I also read last week that carphone warehouse has ordered more BlackBerry Leap devices as they seem a hit!

    iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry see UK smartphone growth - The Inquirer

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    08-06-15 08:20 AM
  2. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Good I hope this trend continues

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    08-06-15 08:26 AM
  3. TGR1's Avatar
    FYI you read the article incorrectly, iOS is up YoY, down Q2Q. The latter is not a good look at how the company as a whole is doing but can be useful for specifics such as how a particular release does.

    If you read the article, BBRY is up from 1.1% to 1.2% YoY. In truth, that is essentially flat, particularly with the looseness in precision of reporting the data.
    08-06-15 08:29 AM
  4. MikeX74's Avatar
    Of course they had a drop off in growth Q/Q. They sold more phones last quarter than they did this one.
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    08-06-15 09:35 AM
  5. stevobbm's Avatar
    For a company that doesn't advertise, it's not bad.

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    08-06-15 01:00 PM
  6. anon(5846467)'s Avatar
    Winning !

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    08-06-15 05:07 PM
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    Good to know.

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    08-06-15 05:16 PM

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