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    I have definitely looked around this site, used search, and found a few tutorials for unlocking the GPS in 8330m's, but what I also found is that Verizon already allows GPS in their 8330's now for Blackberry Maps, which is fine for me, i don't need access to 3rd Party apps.

    However! I've had ZERO luck getting this to work. I'm constantly getting "Unable to acquire GPS Lock" in BB Maps, I've tried GPSed (because I heard it 'enables' your GPS), which also couldn't lock to a satellite, and just recently tried Garmin Mobile 5.0.4 free trial, which looks gorgeous and fancy, but again, no GPS lock, and BBMaps still fails.

    I'm a former Alltel customer, moved to Verizon with the merger.
    In Options >> Mobile Network, my network is still ALLTEL, I don't know if that helps.

    Ummm, I'm running, if you need anymore info just let me know, i've got perfectly clear night skies above my head and would love to get this working tonight,

    Thanks again,

    03-16-10 08:36 PM