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    When I was on my previous employers enterprise server, I had the ability to do local search on my BB Maps.

    I've left the company, and it seems that local search has left the maps app as well.

    Here's what the Blackberry site had to say about this problem:

    Local search menu item fails to appear in BlackBerry Maps on BlackBerry Internet Service smartphones
    Doc ID : KB14589
    Last Modified : 2008-01-23
    Document Type : Support
    BlackBerry Maps versions 1.1, 1.2, and early 2.0 versions

    A BlackBerry smartphone that has BlackBerry Internet Service only does not show the local search command on the menu inside BlackBerry Maps (used to search for local points of interest). The local search command must be activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server before it appears. This has been fixed in later 2.0 versions of BlackBerry Maps.


    There is no work-around.

    My question is: Where can I get a copy of BB Maps 2.0?

    When I download maps from the BB site, it still gives me the Maps 1.2 version.

    Any suggestions?
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    The KB you cite was last modified in late January. I got my Verizon 8830WE in mid-March. It has BBMaps version 1.2.30. So BB's were still shipping two months later with the earlier version. I have a BES account, so Local Search works.

    I just downloaded Blackberry Maps again to see what I'd get, and it's version 1.2.26. So I appear to have gone backwards!

    I got back to 1.2.30 by connecting to Desktop Manager and running Application Loader. Since I'd previously installed my OS on my PC, it detected the newer BBMaps and proposed to upgrade. I accepted and got 1.2.30 back. So the version of BBMaps that came with my 8830 is later than the version currently available from the Blackberry download site, but still less than 2.0.
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    8820 -AT&T
    BB Maps 1.2.26

    BIS Plan

    My maps has local search menu option, and it works within a short radius of my location.
    05-11-08 09:42 AM