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    Blackberry Love II - CB Love

    So after myBlackberry Love post last night of the defacing of the Apple logo to create my new BB sticker - I have been thinking. First off, why in heck doesn't RIM include decals in their product boxes. Loyalty can be shown in such a variety of different ways. But this is a no brainer - free advertising. Prime example of just overwhelming loyalty is seen right here - in CrackBerry Kevin and what he has accomplished and created for all of us, simply through his dedication to the BlackBerry brand. I felt this strange admiration for BlackBerry's from the moment I saw one in use. You know it is weird, you see this person walking down the street typing so fluently on this strange yet intriguing phone.

    And there I was with my piece of crap Samsung flip phone from Bell with 10-4 capabilities. Man this thing was like a walkie talk with a built in Otterbox on steroids. I envied that individual, walking - actually strutting not walking - holding that brand new Curve 8900 Javelin. It was at that moment I knew I must have one. And eventually I did. And that was when I knew it was BB for life. The funny thing is I owned this phenomenal device and like a big dork - I went to Future Shop for all of my accessories. It wasn't until I got promoted, and the Financial Institution I work for here in the great white north provided me with my second 8900 that I was told by a colleague about this amazing site.

    He explained it to me in such a way that if I had a BlackBerry and wasn't frequenting this "glorious" CrackBerry.com that I was somewhat beneath he and the others in my division. And that is when my End addiction took place. The articles were keeping me sitting there for hours. Going as far back through all the posts as I possibly could. And everytime I clicked on a link to read that forum post, that interesting question from a user - I would read the question but was blocked from the response. Well, that's because I had to register. I still to this day have no idea how or why I visited CrackBerry probably 3 - 4 times a day and read and researched as much as I could and it took me years to actually register.

    Who the knows, but either way, I am a loyal and still excited BlackBerry owner and user. And I can't help but to sit here and say, if not for this site and the information and help and things shared amongst fellow users, would I still look at RIM and BlackBerry in the same light I do today. I remember standing in line at BestBuy to get my Playbook and thinking to myself " Grab this thing and get right the home to and onto Crackberry to see what the news is.". I guess I am merely posting this as a thank you to CrackBerry and it's team. I am not a seasoned user by any means and have only been "registered" since September but I have been "creeping" a long time. And enjoy my time on the site - although my wife says that frequency has gotten a bit too much.

    My next form of copyright infringing will be to create a CB sticker for the opposite side if my vehicle to my BB logo. Cause as much as we all wish RIM included BB stockers with our devices, I think it would equally awesome if CrackBerry also had some logos on the CB Store, cause show loyalty and recognition when it is due. And CrackBerry in my mind. It is due.

    A faithful reader
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    02-18-12 06:44 PM
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    I agree. I made a CrackBerry.com tee shirt a few years ago. I wouldn't mind a BlackBerry logo sticker.
    02-18-12 06:48 PM
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    I second that. Would certainly pop one of those on the ride
    02-19-12 02:08 AM