12-09-11 09:53 AM
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    First off its Indonesia and not Thailand.
    Secondly,I have a theory about this and I may be wrong.
    In US and Canada, RIM depends on the carriers to sell their Phones as most people in USA and Canada go for plan subsidised phones.
    In India and Indonesia, RIM chose to partner with local distributors who have a better hold on the retail side of things and are brand agnostic.
    They are the ones who opened these stores in partnership with high volume retailers (not chain stores).
    Knowing little bit about distribution and retail chains and being a manufacturer myself, I know that the best way to sell goods is via a dedicated and trustworthy distributor.
    Since the entire RIM sales in India are handled by a single distributor, they have the freedom to chalk out sales strategy.
    You also have to understand, that in India no one locks themselves into a two year plan simply to get a subsidised handset. It was tried but the model didn't work.
    In India we pay the full price for a BB, that means that a 9900 is for $650 here and it is selling quite well at that price. The iPhone is for $700. This allows the distri to setip these exclusive BB stores. The latest curve is for $550 and it is selling well.
    Also we have enough Apple stores as well, complete with the Apple "genius". Only thing is that the "geniuses" are not complete kool aid drinkers.
    I think its more to do with the selling strategy. RIM should definitely get in touch with their customers in North America like Apple does. Abandon the carrier only selling point and appoint distributors in Americas and start interacting with their customers directly.
    For service support, I can get in touch with RIM India directly. The carriers are not in the middle. And that makes all the difference.
    Dude, this one is the one in Bangkok, Thailand. I been there at the launch
    11-16-11 10:03 PM
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    who wants to sell me one of those BBMe T-Shirts and Hats?
    11-17-11 12:13 PM
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    who wants to sell me one of those BBMe T-Shirts and Hats?
    Mug by bbme_shirt- 491354185

    Just go buy one.
    11-17-11 12:38 PM
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    Oh i would go broke and my wife would divorce me...

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    11-17-11 01:48 PM
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    Have it! My fav Coffee mug

    Always close by, always providing my caffeine fix for the day!
    11-18-11 02:32 PM
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    those are NOT the same font as the original blackberry ones.

    So for $35, he can keep'em.
    11-21-11 02:49 PM
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    The Blackberry store in CLT is miles behind these stores in coolness, and in the hotness level of the staff.
    12-09-11 09:28 AM
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    *_* fantastic! *_*
    12-09-11 09:53 AM
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