08-27-13 10:55 PM
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    This doesn't help BlackBerry become "cool" again. Once they hit high school, kids are going to remember BlackBerry has an pos.

    We are losing this war for a reason.

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    08-27-13 09:12 PM
  2. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    I would have loved to have had a basic phone in grade school. As an adult I feel terrible about doing this, but I'd always wait for my parents to pick me up from school and then tell them that I was actually going to a friend's place and I'd be back for dinner. Now I know they were super busy taking care of my brother and me and making a worthless trip to pick me up was time wasted.

    I would have loved a smartphone in middle school. I carried around a paper planner, and having a smartphone organizer would have been perfect to set alerts for due dates and also plan my after school activities.

    I know some teachers who actually utilise smartphones in their classroom for research, making flashcards, etc. Of course they'd have to have an extreme eagle eye to make sure the kids were actually doing the assignments.

    Parents would need to enforce rules like if a teacher calls and tells the parent that the kid got caught texting in class their phone privileges would be revoked.

    So I personally don't see the problem with kids having phones in school. I don't think that parents should give them restrictions on the brand they can use. Give the kid a spending limit and have them choose the phone they want within that limit.
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    08-27-13 10:24 PM
  3. NightFire's Avatar
    My son's middle school does not allow phones to be used during school hours. If they see them, they are confiscated. Bought a cheap prepaid basic phone for only emergencies. It's worked out in the last year to less than $9 per month, total. He's dying for one of my old BlackBerrys, though.

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    08-27-13 10:55 PM
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