1. Tmperry1939's Avatar
    I have been using a fitbit ionic for about 5 months now with my blackberry key2 (Verizon). Every once in awhile it'll fail to sync. I typically delete the fitbit ionic and reinstall it. I've also restarted my blackberry key2 and had luck. This time it finds the device, gives me a 4 digit code on the watch, but fails to connect.
    I've followed all the instructions after it fails to connect but still no luck. Anyone experience a similar problem? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
    08-06-19 07:00 PM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    I had a similar problem with mine during the initial pairing. I ended up logging into a different Android device and pairing it with that device. After signing out, and logging back in on the Key 2LE, it was able to pair with the FitBit without any issues. You may need to try that and then check as there have been several firmware updates for different Fitbit devices lately to see if that helps.
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    08-07-19 02:31 PM

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