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    hi, can anyone help me here on these issues i am having.

    1. my 8900 bb just went dead for no reason with a white screen and i took the battery out to reboot and it never came on or the red light either, i stripped it down to see what was wrong couldnt find any thig.

    on trying to replace the battery i see that the key board lights do ligt up then turn off that is the most responce i get from the fone.

    im more interested in getting my bb contacts back then scrap the fone is there any way possible, where is he physical data on the phone is stored so i can switch either the mother board or logic board to see if it works.

    2. i got a new bb torch now trying to retrieve the data from my email address it says there is no bb contacts to my email addresses, but i know that i did store them on both as the fone did pick up that i had 2 active email accounts without me adding them.

    now i am getting my old contacts and re adding them manually for some of my contacts they are telling me that they already exixt but they are not in my list and it wont let me add them.

    01-16-11 07:40 AM
  2. hondat's Avatar
    ok got the red light to turn on but only for a second then turn off, any ideas ?????
    01-16-11 09:30 AM
  3. valhalla1759's Avatar
    I'd suggest taking it to your carriers store and seeing what they can do for you if anything.

    Also have you tried turning the phone on while directly plugged into the charger?

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    01-16-11 09:36 AM
  4. hondat's Avatar
    yes, but it wont take power from there. only when i insert the battery it flashes on for no more than 2 seconds then off again.

    what i did was left it charging over night then woke up to a white screen.

    took out the battery, and put it bac in and nothin, opened it cleaned the dust out, and this is the result in getting

    im not interested in the fone but to just let it turn on for one more time so i can back up myy bbb contacts then transfer it to my torch
    01-16-11 10:05 AM
  5. valhalla1759's Avatar
    I'm not sure what else to suggest as I'm by no means an expert. Hopefully someone else reads your post and has better suggestions. I still recommend taking to a store and seeing if they can get it to work just enough to transfer your contacts.

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    01-16-11 12:01 PM