1. Cesare21's Avatar
    Just saw this on facebook for Blackberry India:


    The post is down below:
    We live in a time of action. Weve got a minute to win it
    Weve got a second to make it. We live in a time of instant opportunity. A time of constant action.

    It is action that fuels our ambition. It is action that keeps us awake. Action never sits. Action never procrastinates.
    Action never stays in bed on a Sunday. Action feeds on Action. Action is how we live our lives.
    ...Action is a language called BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry Family, what will your action be today?
    Watch this space - Action Starts Here!

    Has anyone else seen this, or more importantly what is RIM upto in India, or even elsewhere? I know RIM considers India somewhere at the top, but is this for BB10 or something else entirely?

    Then they put this new post out, which closely refers to the same thing:


    The text is below:
    Peace. Love. Victory.
    It seems the most powerful words refuse to live their lives as just mere words, they become symbols.

    Now it is the time for action, the most powerful word of all, to do the same. Action gets a symbol today!

    Keep watching this space.

    I checked around a bit on other 'berry pages (Singapore, Indonesia, UK & Ireland) but did not find anything closely related to the posts I have seen on India pages.

    Anybody have any ideas or insights?
    08-09-12 11:37 AM
  2. ElGusta's Avatar
    judging from the corresponding responses, the post is to pump up Men into posting and exchanging their PIN numbers with each other.
    08-09-12 12:07 PM
  3. Cesare21's Avatar
    Lol, I forgot to mention not to look at the comments but the original message.
    08-09-12 12:16 PM