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    my hotmail address was blocked by hotmail so i created a gmail address. so i went to my blackberry curve 8520 and in app world i changed the username to @gmail address so i received a mail saying i need to confirm the email address. when i open the link to do that i enter the CORECT password and i says that the combination of username and password is not valid. it has ben 24 hours now (from when i received the mail) so the link is expired. i cant create a new account because i purchased apps with this account. i cant even log in :S it says the combination of username and password is not valid.

    can someone please help me
    01-15-12 09:39 AM
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    Big issue if you don't use a stable email account for it. Sounds like the problem is with the email client, more than BlackBerry ID, but I would try either through Options->Third Party Apps, or RIM's https://blackberryid.blackberry.com/...coverpassword/ to fix the situation there.
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    01-15-12 03:48 PM
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    thank uuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked thx !! u're the best!
    01-15-12 04:05 PM