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    hey guys. I've been creeping here for about a week or two and just picked up my second BB today (9780!)

    ne ways, I had an old 8700 that I accidentally took into the bathroom with me when I showered. The steam from the shower completely ruined the keyboard and the phone was no longer useable.

    I was wondering if the same thing could happen with a humidifier? I live in Canada and it's quite cold/dry in the winter and I like to put on a humidifier every night. Could this in any way harm my new blackberry the same way the steam did?


    Side note: I can't decide btwn the otterbox defender vs commuter. All my friends tell me commuter. I don't work construction or ne thing like that. I just absolutely love this thing and never want ne thing bad to happen to it... does the commuter provide adequate protection or should i go on the safe (but bulky, incovenient) side of the defender?

    thanks 4 ur input
    01-23-11 09:48 PM
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    I'd like to know, too. I don't own a humidifier, but I like to use a vaporiser in my bedroom on certain nights. Haven't had a problem with the Curve, but I also like to use my laptop in the bedroom. I'm a bit more concerned about that ...

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    01-23-11 10:48 PM
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    a humidifier should be fine, as its unlikely it will generate the humidity levels of a steamy bathroom. The steam condensed back into water once the BB returned to cooler dryer air - a humidifier won't do this so you should be OK.

    And as far as the Otterbox, i don't have any experience with them. However if you're not rough with your phones, or don't work in a "high abuse" job (construction/fire/police/EMS etc) the commuter should do just fine!

    Good luck!

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    01-24-11 12:42 AM