1. LEOVAN83's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    So I just received this new headset after buying it online a few days ago. Turns out I bought this to replace my HS-500 and thought of the HS-700 as an "upgrade" to my previous headset.

    Looks cool, call quality is better, etc. BUT, what I truly dislike are 2 very important things...

    1) I can only answer or ignore a call by speaking... meaning, if I'm on a meeting, or if I'm somewhere where I don't want to say "ANSWER" to receive the call it becomes a major issue. Before on the HS-500 I just tapped the button once and it answered the call. Now I have to "say" answer... is there a way to change this??

    2) Now, this is related to the previous issue... I live in Peru and I speak spanish. If there's no way to "program" the headset to work by just tapping the button in order for it to work, then is there a way to at least make it work in SPANISH, so I don't get looked at in the street if I say "answer" where we all speak Spanish? I mean, is there a way to change the language?


    03-19-12 03:27 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    What does the manual say?
    03-19-12 03:33 PM