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    So I just picked up a BB HS-500, and it just arrived today. I'm having a very odd issue though, and RIM troubleshooting is all kinds of useless.

    Basically, it syncs up to things fine, it charges / holds a charge fine, it plays music fine..

    But when I make a call, I hear nothing. I keep trying to call my Voicemail and hear nothing. I check to see if it disconnected from my phone (listen to earpiece) and it's still connected and visibly connected to the headset. At the beginning I hear a faint click, like when you first pick up an incoming call. I'm not sure how to fix this. Volume's up on the phone, both are fully charged..

    Help. I love this headset.

    EDIT: using a 9550 running OS I'm about to use a hybrid and see if this helps, but I don't understand.
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    05-11-10 12:04 PM
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    So update, I've tried the headset with other phones now, and people can hear me but I can't hear them on a call. When the hs-500 connects, my BB says "handsfree connected, stereo audio connected" but not headset. I'm wondering if that's why I can't hear anything? I seriously hope someone here can help.

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    05-12-10 07:52 PM
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    Any resolution on this issue? I'm having the same problem, exactly. I know it's the earpiece as I've had the same issue on multiple phones.
    03-20-12 03:37 PM