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    I have a BB since 2 yrs now, and I am a BB owner for life.Recently, somebody showed my what a BB with BES can do, and I was so amazed you cannot imagine.the only problem now is how to get it.I mean I want to have live acces to my outlook and all the nice features, but how can I have it since I don't have a mail exchange server ? I have downloaded the BESx and installed it, but now I am searching for a solution for the exchange mail.Are there any providers that are offering such a thing ?

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    10-31-10 04:50 PM
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    The easiest way I've found to set up an Exchange sync is to purchase a domain name (http://www._______.com) from GoDaddy or the like for around $6-$10 a year. This will be your email address ending (@______.com) Then buy monthly Exchange email hosting from a company such as IT Solutions Now (Application Hosting at IT Solutions Now) that allows a one-user Microsoft Exchange account. I have an account with them for one email address on one BlackBerry and it costs $19.90 a month. Seemed easier to me than setting up my own exchange server.
    01-17-11 05:48 PM
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    Solved it.I already had a domain and www.exchange my mail.com solved the problem for me.thanx for the reply.
    01-22-11 10:13 AM