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    some of you might already know about "etchstar", which is a company that engraves your blackberry, ipods, computers, etc. it seems pretty nice and a way to make your device unique.

    i saw one in person the other day and i have to admit it's not really all that bad. i think you can even bring your own design to make it truly unique! i was thinking about it since i'm in the LA area, but i'm hesitant in getting it done, since i don't really want to engrave my original faceplate in case anything happens. then i thought that i could pick up a couple of the battery covers here at the crackberry shop and get those engraves all with different styles. eh, i dunno.

    just thought some people here might be interested in getting yours done, so here's the webbie:

    Custom Laser Etched & Engraved iPods, iPhones, Custom Laptops, Moleskine, Custom Cell Phones at ETCHSTAR.com, home of America's leading laser engraver & customizer
    07-27-08 08:19 PM