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    I have a blackberry 8900 and I LOVE it. I am unable to sync to my work email which uses Exchange 2007. When setting up the account on my blackberry setup option, I enter the following for the email address:


    There is no "/exchange/" and "Mailbox name" shown when I hover over the Inbox like the standard instructions say to do on other forums I have read through Blackberry. Anyways, I enter the exact username and password as I do on my laptop. I enter the mailbox name. Basically, everything is entered and I have tried all possible combinations, but I keep getting that a connection cannot be established. I contacted my IT department and the said the only way to connect to the email is by either having an iPhone or a Windows Mobile device. Is there anyway around this? I have reads tons of threads and have not been able to solve it.

    07-11-10 08:02 PM
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    Hi curveuser,

    sorry not to bring solutions.
    I am facing your same problem and I am interested to know if you finally got it or can redirect to any information source to step forward....

    07-21-10 08:55 AM
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    not sure what server my org has but here are my settings which work without fail (note that when you enter in email address and password, it first comes back as error, then I had to manually change the OWA settings)

    Email account name: work email address
    Username: Domain\userid
    Outlook Web Access url: http or https:// .....com/exchange/userid/#(make sure you use "exchange/(your userid)/#)
    Email Account: userid

    Try this and let me know if it works...good luck
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    07-21-10 11:56 AM
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    I have the same issue. I work for a federal agency, so the likelihood of getting the network admins to change the policy on the Exchange 2007 server so that BIS works with it (this is well documented all over the web) is low. This would be the only reason that I would move to a Android phone. I would like to get my work email with out redirectors, or forwarding. I would love to get the new Torch, but if my email is not improved, then why would I make the investment. If anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it, but it has been years with this issue and there doesn't seem to be a solution in sight.
    08-04-10 08:21 AM