09-11-07 03:43 AM
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  1. jackmac's Avatar
    Is there an BB blackout on email in NYC?
    Tmobile tells me that "there are issues," and that they are working on it.
    09-05-07 02:12 PM
  2. Giavanna's Avatar
    I was in New York and New Jersey today and I wasn't able to get any emails. I didn't hear of any blackbout but I just started to get mail at 7:15 p.m. I thought it was unusual not to get any emails on my blackberry and then I checked my desktop and their was 75 messages waiting. I was so annoyed.

    A rep at RIM told me that for some reason emails for MSN and Hotmail had an issue today and were not reaching the blackberrys.
    I don't know how valid that is, or if they were trying to pacify me but it seems to be working now.

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    09-05-07 07:19 PM
  3. karu's Avatar
    i'm having an issue like that right now actually. i was sitting at work and was curious to notice that i haven't gotten an e-mail for more than an hour, there was a power outage in my building here(work in a verizon building but a cingular user, don't ask hehe) and all data signal went down in my phone, and after taht not a single e-mail even after everything restored.
    09-07-07 02:53 PM
  4. Haiku's Avatar
    I had the same problem yesterday and it is happening again today. I didn't receive any hotmail emails for 6 hours and then had 35 pop up at 7:30 PM last night.

    Today I received a few up until 1PM and now, nothing. What a drag!
    09-07-07 03:10 PM
  5. tevansen's Avatar
    Not sure if it's related but RIM is redesigning their web site too. The Verizon link for BIS setup is missing now. And I am not getting e-mail on hotmail.com or blackberry.net. It's definitely more wide-spread than NYC. I live in South Florida and have been having the same issues all week.
    09-07-07 03:15 PM
  6. tonyg#CB's Avatar
    I have been having "no email" problems all day. I can send email to my Yahoo account, but it doesn't show up on the 8830. all stopped a 8:15am EDST.. I am in R.I.
    09-07-07 03:21 PM
  7. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    There is an issue! RIM are working on it, but it seems to be back to normal now. Well, here i GA at least...
    09-07-07 03:25 PM
  8. Firesource's Avatar
    Same issue in the Philadelphia area. We have been down since 11:30am ET and ATT Tech Support confirmed a "nationwide RIM service issue". They were able to push/pull email from their side on both business and personal (Yahoo at least) accounts AFTER they had individual users do a battery pull and they reset each device from their end (it took about 30 minutes to get through to tech support at 1-800-331-0500 / Cingular).

    We also received confirmation of the same through the ATT Tech Online Support --- Wireless Forums from AT&T - Wireless Forums from AT&T

    There was not stated ETA on a fix - however "all hands were working" according the the Cingular people I spoke to.

    We'll see...
    09-07-07 04:08 PM
  9. MiniBB's Avatar
    No email in Phoenix.

    Of course this happens right after I had done the vendor code unlock to get themes. Thought I had really messed up all three of our new Curves. I am actually grateful to find out it wasn't something I did!!
    09-07-07 04:39 PM
  10. k6rim's Avatar
    Starting this AM, e-mail problem near San Francisco. Can send e-mails with BB, but nor receiving any on BB.
    09-07-07 04:45 PM
  11. audit's Avatar
    I'm having problems with my primary BIS account but my gmail and aol on BIS is working great as well as my BES.
    09-07-07 04:53 PM
  12. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Rogers in Canada... emails are coming through delayed big time.
    09-07-07 06:39 PM
  13. GunboatSmith's Avatar
    Verizon in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. No e-mails since 6:00 A.M.
    09-07-07 07:03 PM
  14. Bla1ze's Avatar
    While I don't have BIS myself, I get the oppurtunity to talk to BB users all day long and their is widespread delayes at this point, I'm sure everyone is aware of that, but I'll be the first to stick up and point in this case, it's not 100% RIMS fault, over the past 3 weeks yahoo has done major upgrades on their email systems as well as yahoo, I say shame on those companies for not fully working with their users/partners in these cases to ensure emails flow correctly
    09-07-07 07:30 PM
  15. crackie's Avatar
    i called nextel today at 2pm as i live in the boston mass area and was forward to bb support and they had me do all the normal battery pull, reset this, reset that, resend the servie book and nothing. they did say they had a outage in the boston area. My emails are still late and im getting some from 2-3pm.
    09-07-07 07:31 PM
  16. toobaduragirl's Avatar
    I'm here in so-cal on ATT and apperently I have been sent email from multiple people. I have yet to receiev any of my messages that went to my BB email. My gmail has been coming in in little spurts.

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    09-07-07 07:36 PM
  17. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Still a little slow on T-Mobile this evening...
    09-07-07 07:58 PM
  18. dblo7's Avatar
    I STILL haven't gotten my gmail emails forwarded to my VZW 8830 ever since MAY. Verizon says they have fixed it, they haven't. Anybody can help? Apparently google is sending the wrong ESN# to/from my phone, and verizon doesn't know how to fix it. so, their answer to fix: "delete your gmail account and try it." Hmm, could I get someone at least moderately knowledgeable and less ignorant with their phones to help me?!
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    09-07-07 08:04 PM
  19. jamcc's Avatar
    I'm on a BES but with personal email via BIS (imap)

    no problems sending from my personal email but haven't received /ANY/ from the IMAP account since around 10 or so (eastern time) today (friday)

    09-07-07 08:09 PM
  20. speed_demon29's Avatar
    just called T-mobile and after verifying all my info, the rep came out and said RIM is having the problem- not the network...but " since we value your time and know how frustrating this is..here's 200 bonus minutes"...I'm going to have them credit me monetarily when we're back to normal. Get your credit people....this is also why I love Tmobile though.....great customer service.
    09-07-07 09:02 PM
  21. mlf80's Avatar
    I'm in Southern New Jersey, I had e-mail most of the day, but right now the only e-mail I am getting is work. (Lucky Me) G-mail and blackberry.net e-mail stopped working around 2pm. I'm glad its not my BB...hopefully they fix it soon!
    09-07-07 09:20 PM
  22. yogissimo's Avatar
    I've not received a rollover since 12:30 ET, though have dozens of emails on my computer... it's a drag
    09-07-07 09:27 PM
  23. mlf80's Avatar
    Guess I was wrong, the e-mails have started coming all the way back to 11 am.....
    09-07-07 09:29 PM
  24. Trevor's Avatar
    Mine is now working again. Pheww! I hate it when that happens.
    09-07-07 09:58 PM
  25. yogissimo's Avatar
    did that before - didn't work... longest I've gone without mail since getting my 8700... I think I'll just ride it out. TGIF
    09-07-07 10:10 PM
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