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    Hi all

    (mods please feel free to move this if its in the wrong place, im not really entirelly sure where it should fit best...)

    I thought I would post my experience/problem on here in case anyone else comes across the issue...will save you hours upon hours of problems/phone calls/getting angry etc

    Basically last week my pearl was receiving emails ok, but any attachments sent to me in the email, i could not open. I could basically see that there was an attachment in the email (ie, it was visible in a written form) but if i clicked on it, the normal "open attachment" bit in the menu was not available so no matter what i did i couldnt open any...jpegs, word, nothing...

    Being an Orange UK user, I phoned them as first point of call (after speaking to my mate at RIM, and him saying it was defo an Orange problem)...well what can i say, got this rude woman on the phone in data tech 2 i think it was, she told me that Orange UK do not support email attachments or the service!!!! I went a little mental saying how can you not its part of a basic blackberry service, she then proceeded to tell me that it was RIM's problem and i should visit their website and give them a call...5 minutes later of arguing with her, i just said fine, went to RIM's website and the only phone number listed was their offices in Canada!

    Well needless to say i was not ringing Canada from the UK, so I rang Orange back and went straight through to the disconnections department, had a HUGE rant at them...then got put through to someone in data support 3 this time...well they tried everything, nothing was working...

    In the meantime, my mate had gone around to see his technical team at RIM, they came up with a few ideas and i was told im not the only Orange user to have this problem, and I could ring RIM direct, but it would cost me 25...

    Well its now 5 days later, and after meeting up with him and him having a look at my device compared to his device, he found the issue...basically Orange are not setting up the applications list properly on the devices they send out...they miss off ticking the Blackberry Attachment Service bit in the list (and when we went through mine, i was also missing Brickbreaker, Blackberry Maps, Tasks, Notepad, few others too...)

    Just thought this might help someone else if they cant actually get their email attachments open.....

    My personal opinion (no one elses) is that Orange UK suck at being Blackberry providers, I wish I had stayed with Vodafone as after 5/6 years with them on a Blackberry tarrif I never rang them once for a problem, and I seem to be on the phone to Orange UK about once a month as something has gone wrong with the service, or disappeared or just stopped working...but big thanks to the guys at RIM for helping me solve the problem...much appreciated...
    05-01-07 02:38 AM
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    Not sure where to start the condolences - that you had BB issues or that you are with Orange.

    Now i am not sure how aaware you are of Orange's reputation but generally they manage to ruin every handset they place on the market, whether it be a BB or a normal phone. Now Fatreg used to be a store manage for them and Douproctor has issues erecently with them, but it is a case of maybe you should try to chnge your carrier - Vodafone or O2. I am on O2 and feel they give a fair service, and Vodafone, well its better than Orange.

    The one major flaw we have in the UK is that BB is relatively unkown comapred to the USA and therefore support is no better than running at a brick wall.

    I do hope you get it sorted and i would write a sh*tty letter. If you want the right address and person to direct it at let me know by PIN or BB Messenger.

    Good Luck
    05-01-07 02:56 AM
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    Ello all

    Thought i would update you all on my ongoing saga

    Ive lost my browser function yet again...

    I was still waiting for Orange data support to ring me back, got annoyed and so rang them...told them i had had enough and wanted out, got told no its tough your locked into your contract for 18 months... they put me through to various people in data support...funniest thing is this guy told me he would ring me back last night, and didnt...

    Rung Orange today to say hello where was my phone call and my device still isnt working, got told he tried to ring me last night on my bb that at present doesnt make or accept calls as thats one of the problems they need to fix!!!! How thick are they??!!

    They are now sending me another pearl, im 99% sure its a refurb from what ive been told on the phone, im far from anywhere near happy and ive had so much hassle i just want out still...ive spent more time on the phone to them than actually being able to use the device...


    Ive asked for managers and spoken to them but get nowhere, i want to escalate this but have no idea how to....
    05-03-07 08:45 AM