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    What do you guys think of the idea of using your Blackberry phone as a full fledged desktop replacement?

    What I mean is you can use for instance the Z10 as a phone when you are on the go. Then when he are in the office, just plug it into a large monitor to use it as a computer.

    To make it happen, I think all we have to do is to ensure that the phone hardware has more capacity like being Quad core & higher RAM plus higher built in memory capacity. Then plug it to a monitor to make it easy to see and if you may want to place it on top of a keyboard that is linked via NFC.

    The touch screen on the phone automatically turn to become a touch pad just like a computer.

    I think this is highly possible way for BlackBerry to develop as the current BlackBerry Z10 can do pretty much most of the things a computer can or need to do in most offices.

    Let's put it this way, most computers in most offices only use email, Microsoft Word, Excel, power point and a PDF reader. I think my Z1 fulfill all these functions.

    Let me have your thoughts.

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    09-04-13 01:12 PM
  2. ankush77's Avatar
    it is alternative to some extend in my life ,but still mobiles have to work in hardware segment
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    09-04-13 01:18 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    For me its not enough. Have you tried to make a power point presentation with the apps available for BB10? Its better than the previous gen BBs but i demand much more than any smartphone can provide
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    09-04-13 01:22 PM
  4. Loc22's Avatar
    Thanks Howarmat, I have not tried to create a power point using my Z10, only tried using it to do presentations.

    Maybe that is one of the things that need improvement before this could happen.

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    09-04-13 01:35 PM
  5. middbrew's Avatar
    Good idea, but with the types of software that I would use such as PowerPoint presentations (as mentioned by Howarmat) and the stat programs like SPSS it just isn't possible and never will be.
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    09-04-13 08:46 PM
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    Moved to a more appropriate location.

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    09-05-13 06:30 AM
  7. kbz1960's Avatar
    Moved to a more appropriate location.

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    Lendo. Grats on becoming a Mod!

    Not sure if bbry can get that going or not. Like most say it will have to support the software.
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    09-05-13 06:41 AM
  8. darkehawke's Avatar
    Will never happen for me. There is no phone powerful enough to replace my desktop!

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    09-05-13 07:50 AM
  9. gmsm's Avatar
    I want a completed apps compatible desktop so!

    I neither like windows, Ubuntu or Mac.

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    09-05-13 11:32 AM
  10. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    For me this idea is a non-starter. A lot of my work involves very large spreadsheets, heavily formatted text documents, PDF's that more often than not need to be edited and an insane amount of email that need to be responded to in detail. I would just as soon leap off the Arrigoni Bridge (sorry for the CT reference ) than try to use ANY smartphone (or tablet) as a total replacement for a proper computer.

    .:side note: Congrats Lendo. Well deserved honor :.
    09-05-13 11:50 AM

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