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    It is very hard being a Blackberry Fan. All the news I follow bash Blackberry and praise iPhone and Android. Almost everyone I know has an iPhone and even those I don't seem to be using them.

    Today I did some traveling and could not believe how many people were using Blackberries. I have spent time in the 3 US airports (Atlanta, Phoenix and San Diego) and all I saw were people using Blackberries.

    Most were older models, but it was just great to see more Blackberries than any other of the other phones.

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    01-05-12 11:35 PM
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    Everyone I work with has an iPhone and maybe 1 or 2 Android phones. I have seen one BB, but it is work issued. It sucks RIM doesn't really advertise to the masses that the newer line of phones is a million times better than what they use to be. Most of the people I know had older models which is why they think BB sucks.
    01-05-12 11:49 PM
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    There have been almost endless Blackberry Bold commercials on TSN the past week during the World Juniors!! Split between the Bike one and the DJ one. Sooo nice to see (not that the 9900 is new, but nice to see anyway)

    Have there been many commercials on any particular channels in the States the past few weeks??

    I don't know we worry so much about the US market, there's more to the bloody world than just the US :-)

    RIM added 20million new users somewhere in the world this year

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    01-06-12 12:08 AM
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    I take very little notice to the bashing of Blackberry or the praising of Iphone and Android, although its hard to escape when reading these forums sometimes but I just ignore it. My little device serves me quite well and that's all I care about.

    I do a lot of travel throughout Canada and the U.S monthly but only lately have I started to take notice as to what people are using and I'm proud to say that Blackberries are still plentiful where ever I go.
    01-06-12 01:17 AM
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    Yea I like it too when I see a few blackberrys in the same area.

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    01-06-12 07:10 AM
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    Yeah most people I know are leaving their BlackBerry's behind. Although the hospital I work at, the telecom department only orders users BlackBerry's to use. Everyone just now got upgraded from the 8330 to 9930/9850. So I'm glad my work place still appreciates the BB's.

    I have switched back and forth to high powered Android devices, but always come back to my BB. I now have a android tablet that I use, but I will always have a BB for a phone.
    01-06-12 08:30 AM
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    Have there been many commercials on any particular channels in the States the past few weeks??
    I saw one short 15 second Bold commercial during a hockey game I watched the other day. It was a US team vs a US team on a US network. Commercial wasn't long and it basically just said be bold with the BB Bold and showed a pic of it then it went on to the next commercial. Other than that, I've yet to see one.
    01-06-12 08:48 AM
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    Almost everyone where I work has a Blackberry, simply because it is provided for free by the company. But many also have their own personal phone which is iPhone or Android. You are probably seeing a lot of BBs at the airport simply because they are provided for free.

    I think some corporations hurt the BB brand by only providing a very small selections of BBs to their employees, typically models that are a bit older. In our case, we can choose from one Curve and one Bold (although the Torch 9800 was added and removed), and until a couple of months ago the only Bold we could choose from was the 9700. Now I really liked my 9700, but the browser was molasses, and I had to pull the battery almost every week. It simply doesn't give a good impression about BB devices when all you can choose are older models.
    01-06-12 08:53 AM